The Training Resources I've been missing

The Training Resources I've been missing

If you have attended any of my sessions, you have probably heard me tell you to complain loudly (but politely) and expect that the answer to your problem has already been solved and you simply haven't asked the right person. I have practiced method faithfully for years but never has it reaped as much as it did in meetings this week. I will need to cover other findings in future blog articles but I wanted you to know about all of the wonderful things the Documentation team has written for us, and we need to start using today.  

Why I stopped being lazy with field descriptions

I have never been so excited to fill in field descriptions.

I have to admit, up until today I have not been the most vigilant in this area. As a System Admin, I thought that I was the only one looking at the field description, which did not help with the motivation to create a solid description.

That was all before Tool Tips came into my life when upgrading to CRM 2013. With the Tool Tips functionality, when my users hover their mouse over a field, the description for that field pops up. I think this is a great opportunity for in the moment, ongoing user training. With this tool my users won’t have to use a quick reference sheet to understand the meaning of a field. All I need to do is be diligent in adding field descriptions.  It may seem small, but I think from a user training and adoption standpoint it is actually a big deal.

It is so simple:

1.) Write a description that is helpful to users trying to understand the field on a record in the description box of the field in the form designer.

2.) Teach your users to look for the tool tip by hovering over the field title.