The Training Resources I've been missing

The Training Resources I've been missing

If you have attended any of my sessions, you have probably heard me tell you to complain loudly (but politely) and expect that the answer to your problem has already been solved and you simply haven't asked the right person. I have practiced method faithfully for years but never has it reaped as much as it did in meetings this week. I will need to cover other findings in future blog articles but I wanted you to know about all of the wonderful things the Documentation team has written for us, and we need to start using today.  

Resources for Outlook and Excel for the End User

When Gretchen Opferkew and I were given the privilege of presenting Outlook and Excel for the End User at the CRMUG Regional Conferences in Dallas and Minneapolis, we knew that we couldn't possibly fit all of our favorite tips and tricks into one hour. So, in the hopes of leaving users inspired and equipped, we compiled this list of helpful resources to tide them over until Summit 2014. 


Working with Outlook and CRM
An Overview of Tracking records in CRM through Outlook
Maximizing the use of the Outlook Client
Conditional Formatting Emails
Synchronization vs. Tracking

See you at Summit! These classes at CRMUG Summit on October will help you dive even deeper in Outlook and Excel for CRM. 

A Beginners Guide to Outlook Client Administration
The End User's Deep Dive into Excel & Outlook Mastery
Outlook Client Troubleshooting with Dynamics CRM
Techie Talk: SharePoint, Outlook, and Excel - Oh My!
Adoption Leveraging Microsoft Outlook & Excel


For many users, Excel is intimidating and too reminiscent of high school algebra. Fortunately with a bit of practice and a few helpful resources, any user can learn to benefit from this powerhouse tool:

Getting Started with Excel
Groups and Subtotals in Excel
Conditional Formatting in Excel
Filter Data in Excel
Simply Mathematical Formulas in Excel
How to create a Power View report in Excel with CRM Data
Training courses for Excel 2013 from Microsoft
Mass Editing CRM Data in Excel

Shameless Plug: If you are looking for more on these topics I hope to see you in my sessions at Summit 2014 

Excel Essentials for the CRM Administrator
In this session, we will be walking through the essentials excel skills that any CRM Admin or Power User should have.
Creative Excel Use in xRM Deployments
In this course, we will be diving into the many out of the box opportunities when Excel is pared creatively with CRM. (Those who are just getting into Excel are encouraged to attend Excel Essentials for the CRM Administrator prior to this session)