What to try when drag & drop isnt working in the form designer

Today I was going a little nutty. I was in the middle of a very productive swing customizing until my recent loss of drag & drop got the better of me. Frustrated, I turned to the ever helpful community and found just what I was looking for. I wanted to report in the event that anyone is struggling with this issue.

1. Click on the settings in your IE 11 Browser

2. Go to Compatibility View Settings and add https://*.dynamics.com and click OK.

3. Then Go to Security in Internet options.

4. Click on Trusted Sites and then sites

6. Add https://*.dynamics.com to the trusted sites

7. Then Enabled Display Mixed Content in Internet Security Zone.

8. Enabled Display Mixed Content in Trusted Site Security Zone

9. Restart your browser.

Hopefully it works for you as well as it worked for me. Happy Monday!

Special thanks to Jonathon Kazemaini for figuring it out

Excel Oddity with Appointments and the Quick Fix

Not only is Excel vital to my team (in Finance we live in Excel) but it is also a huge piece of my daily work as an Admin. So today when my rows and columns were not agreeing it was cause for crisis. I do not take Excel malfunctioning lightly.

I went into the throw together a report of past appointments I stumbled across this little gotcha (pictured below):

The rows numbered 1 and 2 span one row in some columns but multiple rows in other columns. This does not a happy systems administrator make.

Unfortunately I took it as an Excel glitch, fought with it, gave it a good ol' reboot and was still stuck. When I finally slowed down and looked at the issue I realized that these rows represented Appointments with multiple "Required Attendees." Removing the Required Attendees column resolved the issue.

I am sharing this in hopes your day doesn't have the hit the speed bump that mine did. If you have a better work around for the issue please let me know in the comments.