Focus17 and New Faces

My brain is tired, but my heart is so full. I have been lucky enough to spend the week in St. Louis with the CRMUG community, learning together at Focus17. I owe my career to this group or as I often say “I grew up here.” Weeks like this always make me ask myself how can an exhausting week leave me so energized.

When I first started my career in Dynamics CRM, I was shocked at the support of the community. The fact that the leading experts share their knowledge freely with others was so refreshing. The abundance mentality is visible around every corner. I know not all women in STEM, or even in Business find themselves so lucky, and I count myself as blessed.

My “family” in St. Louis gave me yet again what so many of our reunions have: Rich learning, great conversation with kindred spirits, amazing food, and energy for what is to come. It is like a small town that I get homesick for before my plane even hits the tarmac.

While I am counting the days until I get to come back (149 days until Summit 2017) I am eager for the weeks ahead. Our gap between employers and talent has always intrigued me. I, like so many others, got into this industry by accident and we can’t sustainably grow that way. I am determined to build a bridge so more people can bring their talents here. We need them.

I am so glad a brave group has entrusted me with their time and talents, and I am going to do all I can to see them make a successful jump to this great industry. Next time I get to visit our little “home town” I intend to bring some new faces with me.  

Britta Rekstad

Britta spent several years as a Systems Administrator and Consultant in the Financial Services Industry focusing on configuration, training and automation. Currently she works with Microsoft Partners and Customer Organizations to provide training, documentation and oversight on system design.

She was awarded the Microsoft MVP award in 2015, 2016 & 2017 for her contributions to the Dynamics CRM Community. She carries out her passion for empowering systems administrations, budding consultants and university students through presenting, mentoring and guiding programming and events.