Nerd Christmas

I have no shame in admitting that tonight, my introvert night, I found myself curled up with a cup of tea and a sleeping dog on my lap, listening to Pandora and grabbing screen shots out of CRM. I wandered through familiar areas, grabbing shots as I went.

Suddenly I threw my hands up, let out an audible shriek of excitement and then froze. Was I going crazy? Was this the indicator I should call it a night?

The abruptly awakened miniature dachshund in my lap was not nearly as excited as I was until I explained to him in excited tones how my quality of life had just radically improved. Call me a nerd, but this find made my week.

Dear friends, the wait is over. The OR function for workflows has arrived!

We have had OR in several ways throughout CRM but it had always been missing from the workflow designer. Ask any workflow enthusiast and I am sure they can share at least one story where they went to impressive lengths to work around the lack of an OR for a workflow.

CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 is like Nerd Christmas. Good things come to those who upgrade.

If you are not excited by this it most likely means that you have yet to dive into workflows. I won’t hold that against you. You’ll just have to trust me, this is a big deal.

Britta Rekstad

Britta spent several years as a Systems Administrator and Consultant in the Financial Services Industry focusing on configuration, training and automation. Currently she works with Microsoft Partners and Customer Organizations to provide training, documentation and oversight on system design.

She was awarded the Microsoft MVP award in 2015, 2016 & 2017 for her contributions to the Dynamics CRM Community. She carries out her passion for empowering systems administrations, budding consultants and university students through presenting, mentoring and guiding programming and events.